PROTECTION and POWER Bracelet Natural Stones B110


Protection and Power Bracelet Natural Stones Black Onyx (glos and matt) and Black Lava


BLACK ONYX (gloss) – is a symbol of power, perseverance and determination

BLACK ONYX (matt)  is a symbol of stability, protection and inner balance

BLACK LAVA – symbolizes rebirth, protection, cleansing of all chakras


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Protection and Power Bracelet Natural Stones Black Onyx (glos and matt) and Black Lava


BLACK ONYX – is a wonderful stone that transforms negative energy into positive. It symbolizes strength and power. It deepens the sense of control over your life, endows you with such qualities as: determination, perseverance, courage and firmness. It is also called a wisdom stone. Strengthens and regenerates the kidneys. It relieves neurological disorders, apathy and stress. It strengthens the nervous system. It works well for the condition and appearance of skin, teeth, nails and hair. helps to focus attention on the smallest details, facilitates the analysis of facts, adds patience and teaches self-discipline.


BLACK LAVA – One of the unique benefits of black lava stone is its ability to gather and transform negative influences into a clear and energizing aura. It has a unique ability to burn the negative emotions accumulated in a person, turning them into a force that ignites action and motivation. Using the power of all the elements, lava stone has strong protective properties against external factors and internal blockages in the human body. By facilitating the even flow of energy, these stones have a profound effect on the body and spirit of their owner.


Technical description:

  • Natural stone BLACK ONYKS and BLACK LAVA
  • Diameter of the gemstones: 8mm
  • Stainless steel spacers gold or silver
  • Stretch bracelet
  • Organza bag (free) or Gift box (+£3)
  • Description of the stones
  • Handmade in UK

Before ordering, please measure your wrist.

Available in wrist sizes:

  • 15cm – XS
  • 16cm – S
  • 17cm – M
  • 18cm – L
  • 19cm – XL
  • 20cm – XXL

Additional information


Black Lava, Black Onyx, Onyx


Gold Spacer, Silver Spacer, Without Spacers


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